Life on the Run


My Foot Hurts

The past year I have had a really bad pain in the top of my foot.  It will sometimes catch and shoot pain up the top of my foot.  But, most of the time, it is a dull, burning, aching pain in the top of my right foot between my first and second toes.  So finally fed up with the pain, I went to my doctor last Thursday. 

Come to find out, I have a stress fracture in the bone above my third toe.  The Dr. said this was probably from not training well enough for my races, which is probably true.  I am not dedicated to a strict training regiment for races.  And, I am not as in shape as I was before so I forget that I can’t push myself as hard. 

Well the doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory, rest and then come back to see him in four weeks.  I haven’t been a good patient and have been running and wearing heels.  For the love of God, don’t take away my shoes.  I know, ultimately, I am the one to blame for my discomfort but I guess I just need to belly ache about how much my foot hurts and how uncomfortable it is.  I hate to complain about being old, I am only 25 for Christ sake, but it really sucks getting older.  I am for sure am not as resilient as I was at 20.  Woe is me.